West Japan Tools

West Japan Tools

Comprehensive tool brand, produced by a circle of technology in Western Japan.
We create products which satisfy customers’ needs, and also pursue the beauty of function.

About West Japan Tools

West Japan Tools is an original tool brand. Iron craftsmen and other artisans cooperate to create products in pursuit of the beauty of function.

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Our Features

Because we work with local companies, we often meet face to face. This lets us talk in detail.
We discuss things until we are satisfied. We pursue the perfection of our products which must be beautiful, and fit into our customers’ daily lives.

Introducing Our Series

Frying Pan
Frying Pan. Our frying pan has evolved through many trials for ease of use and quality cooking. We specialize in the sauté cooking method. We have balanced the bottom for thickness and lightness, both needed to fry ingredients well.

Magnetic Board for Knives and Kitchen Tools
A magnetic board for knives and essential kitchen tools. Can use on a wall for storage space. Nice interior decoration for home or restaurant.

More products are in development.